Thirty years ago, I had a dream.

I wanted to see a generation of people – especially black people – grow up in a society free from ignorance of the impact that African American creativity has had on this planet. I wanted to live in a global community aware of how the contribution of jazz music and dance has enriched our lives, even though the very creators of such an uplifting force have been under-represented in media and history in general, receiving little credit for their amazing contributions and lifelong sacrifices.

I had a dream to change all that.

Part of that dream is The Authentic Jazz Academy.

Ryan Francois (choreographer, instructor, and founder of The Authentic Jazz Academy)

The Academy is for everyone interested in jazz and its history – which includes professionally trained dancers (and those in training) as well as community dancers (non-professionals) – and will combine the fundamental elements of Ryan’s teaching structures:


  • Train as professionals train, to get better results from your dancing

  • Prepare your body correctly and understand how it works, for healthier body and longevity 

  • Learn to be disciplined and to understand learning as a separate tool from recreation

  • Learn through intensive workshops without distraction in a mature environment with like-minded peers who have come looking for real results

  • Develop through a curriculum of stages:  Foundation, Progression, Ascension and beyond. 


It will also include an online learning structure for studying the history of jazz as well as expanding your class experience with online courses similar to or complementing the live classes.



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The Authentic Jazz Academy is a fully immersive education development experience for dancers and jazz enthusiasts, intended to smoothly coexist as an online learning environment and a physical education system, achievable only with live workshops and events.


Our aim is to ensure that you have a one-stop destination for seeking out knowledge: not only of how to do and express Jazz Dance – particularly the vernacular jazz forms – but also of the history of jazz in all its manifestations, gaining understanding from expert instructors and historians accredited for their expertise in the field.


The objective is to expand the universe of Jazz Dance far beyond that of just taking a class.

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